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Sandra McGuire - Massage Therapist

Sandra McGuire

Massage Therapist

Hi, I’m a massage therapist (there, I’ve said it)

I have previously been both a nurse and a social worker, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. But nothing compares to being a massage therapist.

It brings tremendous joy to me to be able to ease the tension people are holding in their muscles (usually their shoulders!!) and help them relax and feel a difference in a relatively short time.

I once did massage at a ladies night not realising one of them was pregnant. I had to refuse treatment for the lady and we agreed on a foot spa and facial, all very impromptu. The feeling I had was awful. There and then I vowed I would undertake as many courses as I could in order that I might work with different people’s circumstances.

The oncology massage training means that I can now safely treat people who currently have or have had cancer.

I believe the people who care for those going through cancer also deserve some time to relax so, if that’s you, I’m always delighted to offer you a massage treatment as a carer also.

To be able to add to the tremendous work already being undertaken by TRACtion would be an amazing opportunity and I hope to meet you soon.

She is based in Largs and in order to discuss your planned therapy programme, please contact Liz either through email or calling 07711 001 502

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