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Encouragement, practical support and hope for people living with Cancer.


TRACTion Cancer Support aims to offer encouragement, practical support and hope to people living with cancer. We hope to restore people’s sense of worth despite illness.

By becoming involved with us, your support will help patients living with cancers of the aerodigestive tract live fuller lives as well as helping others recognize the symptoms of the diseases. The earlier the detection of cancer, the better the outcome. To find out more about each of the conditions that we help to manage, please hover over the wording on the illustration.

Any money donated towards us will go directly to helping patients live more fuller lives. One of the most common disorders patients with aerodigestive tract cancers suffers from is eating. Sitting down to a meal with family and friends is so often taken for granted but if you can only eat a liquid diet, where is the excitement in going out to dinner or in cooking?


Puree Food mouldOne of our projects is to donate to cancer patients food moulds and recipes so that, for example, a chicken dinner looks just like that but it is actually really soft, no chewing is necessary but the tastes are still there. See our recipes.

It costs £50 to provide a patient with the recipes, moulds and instructions. Every donation you make will go some way towards providing this pack.


We offer massage & pampering packages to cancer patients in the comfort of their own home. There is no cost for this service as we rely solely on donations to cover the cost of the oils. If you are a massage therapist, qualified in this field and would like to be involved here, please contact us. If you are a patient or relative, and would benefit from this service, please get in touch.

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